Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mount Weather - Blumont, VA

Mount Weather, a mysterious underground military base carved deep inside a mountain near the sleepy rural town of Bluemont, Virginia, just 46 miles from Washington DC.

Mount Weather - also known as the Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations:

Mount Weather is the self-sustaining underground command center for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Buried deep inside the earth, Mount Weather was equipped with such amenities as:

  • private apartments and dormitories
  • streets and sidewalks
  • cafeterias and hospitals
  • a water purification system, power plant and general office buildings
  • a small lake fed by fresh water from underground springs
  • its own mass transit system
  • a TV communication system

 Nine Federal departments are replicated within Mount Weather:

  • Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Health, Education & Welfare
  • Housing & Urban Development 
  • Interior; Labor; State
  • Transportation
  • Treasury
  • As well as at least five Federal agencies:
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Selective Service
  • Federal Power Commission
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Veterans Administration

This is not a big secret, as there is information readily available from FEMA: Mount Weather Fact Sheet



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