Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bioweapon-like Symptoms need Tamiflu?

As of Nov 10, 2009 - official reports state that in the Ukraine: Acute respiratory disorders and flu have affected over 1 million, 53,000 of these are in hospitals.  That's about 2% of Ukraine is sick, and a tenth of a percent of people need hospitalization.

It's not the skewed numbers that are the biggest problem.  The are a means to an end.  Headlines like:

Over 1 Million Sick with Mutated H1N1 in Ukraine

are far more likely to hook the reader than

1 in 1000 Ukrainians in Hospital with H1N1

The mass of confusion and hysteria is going to help make this situation worse. 

If this is H1N1 as we've been sold, then they need to change the expected-symptoms again. 

Reports of devastation of the lungs, bloody coughs, Baxter-provided illness and governement sponsered aerosol missions in the middle of the night are in full force. 

Roche has taken an order for over 600,000 doses of Tamilflu. 

Unless the Tamilflu gets there quickly, as in yesterday - that's not going to help much either. 

Exerpt from Tamiflu's own information leaflet:
“For treatment of influenza in patients 7 years of age and older who have been symptomatic for no more than 2 days.”
Nevermind the other risks involved: delirium and abnormal behavior leading to injury, fatality.

Is this the 'predicted' 'H1N1' 'mutation' ?  I wonder if we can look forward to such good times as the Ukrainians.   The Americans suspect need to train for it, see here.

Canada is training as well for such a emergency:

I'm not suggesting that it's a bad idea to be prepared, but let's be honest...all is not on the up&up here.

We know what happened when London trained for subway bombing and when U.S. Air Force trained for terrorist attacks on skyscrapers using airplains as weapons.

More: http://kindlingvideo.blogspot.com/

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