Tuesday, January 5, 2010

False-Flag Fruit-of-the-Loom Bomber Now Being Used To Target Yemen



January 4, 2010 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized)


Duh, we knew this was going to happen. ABC7 news here in SF showing the same exact story as all the other networks, same footage, almost verbatim the same exact script. Yemen is being targeted by Slick Barry’s “administration” in response to the “terror attack bombing attempt from a known Nigerian terror suspect” on a US-bound Delta flight on Christmas Day. No one is talking about the mountain of reports pointing to it being a badly executed falseflag event, or the fact two others were handcuffed and interrogated as well.

Hitlery Clinton is quoted as saying Yemen is a “danger to the world.” The embassies have closed.

I say this satanic demonseed hellfire bitch from the Draco system Hitlery Clinton is a MAJOR danger to the world, far more so than ANYONE in the world, surpassed by only a few in their satanic danger to the rest of us, kingpin of which seems to be Bibi666 Netanyahu. Slick Barry is just a Monarch mind-controlled puppet, handled by highranking Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel, taking directions from Henry Kissinger and Zbiggy Brszynski. They in turn get their marching orders handed to them from CFR, Trilateral Commission, Chatham House, the Club of Rome, and the Vatican. The chain of command goes further, but I digress.

I just want to puke hearing these stories being fed to the masses of Al-CIAduh, and now this infowars story of some retired general announcing a US jetliner is sure to be downed within the next 100 days. Jesuit AJ at it again more scare tactics. This from the same guy who publishes plagiarized writings of Dr. A. True Ott Phd ND, promotes the psy-op king and queen masters Bert StubbleBOOM and Rima LaiBLOW – yeah, i know about you AJ and your little place in New Zealand. theres a lot more to remote viewing than you’ll ever know, bud.

Today, in alignment with predictions encoded into the Georgia Stones (still unknown who erected them) the new Tower of Babel was christened in Dubai, as it reaches toward the heavens as now the worlds tallest building. Next will be the restoration of the Temple Mount (involving the removal of the coronation stone from London and moved to its new home). I mean sheesh folks these lunatics are reading the Book of Revelation and following it to the letter like its their script.

Famine and pestilence – well we got that about covered, because these frankenviruses are equal opportunity killers and will kill off our livestock as well. Monsanto is there to patent, hybridize and genetically modify all our future seedstock bowing to its new god Codex Alimentarius, so those farmers who do survive economogeddon will only be growing frankenfood to be eaten by the new survivor race of frankenpeople (as Dr Bill likes to call them GMPs for Genetically Modified People) – you are what you eat. Nazi eugenics at its finest. Of course, the insect world will likely have total immunity to all this stuff killing the rest of us, so when they begin to gain advantage they will become a serious matter as well. Hm, where have I read that before?

These guys are all-in, going for broke, doing WHATEVER they can to instigate more tension in the middle east. I honestly think it’s about to begin literally raining falseflag events. These guys don’t care if we find out about them being faked, they have all the power and the military to do whatever they want and tell us what they want us to believe through the controlled media and its circus of robotron puppets like Dan Ashley and Tom Brokaw, Diane Sawyer and the other media whores who have sold their souls to satan.

I have a very very bad feeling about the near future. Strap in tight folks.

Repent. Pray.

Above all, prepare.